John uses ancient techniques to create contemporary ceramic art works which easily complement settings in both ultra-modern and traditional homes. The works are ‘truly 3D’, with form, surface texture, and imagery each playing their part in complementing the other. There is no glaze on the finished work which has been lengthily burnished by hand to provide a smooth surface often described as ‘just like marble’. It warms to, and invites, the touch. The work may be sculptural but is often in the form of vessels – pots, plates, bowls – but they are not functional in the usual sense as their very nature means that they remain porous. The imagery – combining John’s intention with random markings of smoke or fumes using naked raku and other techniques – intrigues, entices, and conveys something of John’s inspirations – black clouds on a stormy day, cave drawings, volcanic rocks and images of deepest space.