Eve Claire Taylor trained on a Jewellery apprenticeship, and as a Silversmith many years later at Brighton University. I now specialise in silver tableware, specifically spoons, ladles, napkin rings, condiment dishes and candlesticks, alongside a variation of different jewellery collections. Ideas are predominantly inspired by nature, within and around the town. Natural formations are an endless and plentiful source of visual inspiration for my work. Leaves and stems feed into a fascination with spoons and ladles – objects which combine practicality alongside ornamental qualities. Fluid shapes lend themselves perfectly to all the aspects and advantages of working with a versatile material such as silver. I fuse traditional silversmithing techniques with my own contemporary ideas, preserving a feeling of elegance within the work. I use enamelling in my work enhancing shapes with colour. I have work in private collections. I am also available for commissions in silverware or jewellery.